2018 Calendar

We are taking reservations for 2018. If your group is planning a weekend a full week or longer at Friendship Center, please call 608-935-3613 or email info@countryspeed.com regarding a date as soon as possible.


February 16-18

2018 Reservations

Indiana University Outdoor Adventures-Ice Climbers

March 2-4 People of the Nettles

April 20-21

May 5

Dennis Granville Group

Spring Clean-up

May 25-28 People of the Nettles

July 29-Aug 4

Aug. 31-Sept. 3

Sept. 14-16

Sept. 18-21

Friendship Center Children's Camp

Labor Day Weekend now available

Lauren Lomonte Group

Pastor Joylynn Graham Group

October 5-8

October 19-21

November 2-4

November 9-11

November 16-25

December 14-16 

People of the Nettles

Milwaukee Center For Independence

Aaron Gang Photography Group

Milwaukee Center For Independence

Tom Phillips Deer Hunting Family Group

Milwaukee Center For Independence

  2019 Reservations
May 24-27 People of the Nettles
October 25-28 People of the Nettles
  2020 Reservations
May 22-25 People of the Nettles