2020 Reservations  Reduced usage due to the Covid-19 Pandemic helped convince our board to celebrate our 50th year  by doing major projects of new kitchen cabinets and dish washer, along with a steel roof and solar panels.  See News for more information and how you can help!

February 22-23

May 15-17

June 23

July 3rd

July 7-10

July 13-?

July 9-23

Sisu Wisdom Circles


Aaron Gang Group

Day Camp with Karen Tennesson's 2 nephews and friend

Removed dishes/etc out of cabinets

Roof shingles removed and steel roof installed

Solar Panels installations on roof

Remove cabinets paint walls and ceiling

July 23rd- New Kitchen Cabinets delivered and installed
August 2-6 Karen Tennessen Group
September 4-7 People of the Nettles?
  2021 Reservations
May 28-31 People of the Nettles